Non-refundable deposits hold your animal or beef purchased from us. Nothing is held without a deposit. We accept  paypal ( you cover fees), check or money order via snail mail, or cash.  If you have any questions contact us. Thank you!! 

   We are striving each year to improve our herd . We utilize Linear Appraisal through the American Dairy Goat Association as a tool to do this.  They send out judges that will appraise each animal and they grade it according to the breed's standards. This is a performance program to see how *our* program is measuring up.  We offer healthy quality animals that have the potential to be excellent milkers. Bucks can be purchased for a limited time.  *** 
 Please note** We do not sell any goats to homes that don't have a companion.
2019 - We'll have milkers, doelings, and bucklings ( for a limited time) available. I love holding on to our doelings a little longer to watch them develop and get aquainted with what they may produce. This gives our customers an excellent idea and start with the animal (s) they purchase from us. If you have any questions please contact me.