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Giesler's Sunny Delight   D.O.B. 3/19/2010 


Registration A1543538

**** Bred to Sycamore Acres PP Mordecai # A1581702

Below is a picture of Sunny's udder. She is not full in this picture . It was just take to give an idea on structure.



PJ-Baileys' FTC Apricot    D .O.B. 4/16/2009  

L.A. VEEV 89 

Registration AA1480550

Apricot's Rear udder picture below. At 14 days fresh.

Giesler's Chickory   D.O.B. 3/01/2012      

 Registration A1648362

L.A. VEV+87

***Bred to Pj Bailey's Aglimpse O Freedom Reg # AA1677269

hickory's Udder below

Giesler's Jilly Bean  D.O.B 2/2012    

L.A. VVV+85 ( Had pneumonia during appraisal )


Jilly Bean's udder Below

Giesler's Molly D.O.B. 3-18-2013
Registration AA1673654
L.A. +VVV86
***Bred to Pj Bailey's Aglimpse O Freedom Reg # AA1677269
Molly had Quads this year!!

Molly is a dream boat as far as milking goes, she is another hard working doe.  She also has a nicely attached , capacious udder.
              Her teets are beautiful placed for hand milking.

Giesler's Goldie D.O.B. 4-28-2014 Registration # AA1714110
***Bred to Pj Bailey's Aglimpse O Freedom Reg # AA1677269

Gielser's Laya ( We call her Chewy)D.O.B 3-18-2014
Registration AA1673655
L.A. -VVVV87

***Bred to Sycamore Acres PP Mordecai 2017. Reg.# A1581702

Chewy's  Udder Below  . She is standing at a weird angle. 

Giesler's Ruthie  D.O.B 3-27-2014

***Bred to Sycamore Acres PP Mordecai. Reg. # AA1714111

                                                                    Ruthie's Udder Below