What is Planted?  What are we planning???

12 acres of certified alfalfa hay

4 acres of certified clover hay

17 acres of  certified white navy beans

6 acres of certified spelt

14 acres of certified hull-less oats which will nurse 14 new acres of alfalfa for next year

This year we are transitioning 38 additional acres we are leasing into organic production.  This means that this particular field will not be ready to be certified for 3 years.  Organic Certification requires 3 full growing seasons pass before certification can be granted.  During these 3 years the ground must be treated as though it is certified but the farmer cannot sell the crops as organic.  We will be planting this field to oats/alfalfa and plan on selling the alfalfa directly to the alfalfa mill in Toledo.  This is about the smoothest and most hands off method of transition. 

Should you have any interest or questions, feel free to contact us.