The Flour Child has become our 4th child. My husband jokingly said that is what we were going to call our farm store and I embraced it. We are heading into our 2nd year as certified organic grain and hay producers. This is very exciting for us in so many ways.   This whole operation has been inspired by our children. We started this process out of necessity & just kind of ran with it. Producing as much as you can, and harvesting your bounty is such a rewarding process. The children have so many learning experiences & are naturally inclined to develop a work ethic. We really think our ancestors had it right. A well balanced farm feeds your livestock, that feeds the soil & in return will feed your family. We can only imagine how balanced God's kingdom is going to be. We are so grateful to enjoy small glimpses of it and for each growing season that we are allowed.


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We raise both American & French Alpines. Since I milk by hand it is very important that the does milk out easily.  This means they have orifices that allow a nice milk flow, nicely sized teats , and a well attached udder.  We also want milking to be worthwhile. We shoot for our does to peak at a gallon or more a day with the exception of First Fresheners.  We  brought a new buck PJ Baileys' Aglimpse O Freedom into our herd in 2014 to compliment the girls that have been retained out of our herdsires.  Did I mention his dam was 2011 NATIONAL SHOW JUNIOR ALPINE CHAMPION  GCH PJ-Baileys' Charmer Aglimmer 6*M ?  He is something special, but then again each one of our bucks is. We chose the herds Sycamore Acres ( Nancy participates in Superior Genetics) & PJ Baileys' to put together our starter herd because we loved their programs. Now here we are heading into our 9th season with 5 different generations of our breedings under our barn roof! Things are really starting to get exciting.  Each year we find ourselves looking forward to the ADGA Linear Appraisal so we can see how *our* breedings are turning out.  This is the one program we do utilize being our goats aren't in milk past August , or September. We don't show our breeding stock. Our children's interest seem to be heading in the direction of market wethers, and fancy chickens.  So our goats are bred for health, longevity, and MILK :) Their milk production is to feed us, make cheese ( We LOVE GOAT CHEESE!!!) , make soap and also to raise up bull calves for beef. We don't keep our cattle in the same pasture as our goats. Our does reside with our does & our bucks reside with our bucks. HOWEVER in the year of 2015 we were showed a way of breeding that we never entertained. So now we let our herdsires reside with their ladies for a few weeks to be live covered ;)

*** Johnes 2015 NEGATIVE, CAE testing 2/8/2016 ( Negative).
  Our herd has had extensive disease testing . Being that our goats don't go anywhere we may be decreasing the ammount of testing we do.
We've not had CL. Other than bringing in a new buck our herd is closed.  We don't do any outside breedings. We have 3 herdsires so breeding don't require bio-security risk. All of our goats reside here on our farm.
Throughout the summer our goats enjoy a nice lush pasture of alfalfa. Any hay  they are supplemented with is grown here organically. When we do grain feed they get Spelt or Oats that we grew here as well. They have free choice minerals. Plus they love kelp! We do use herbal wormers. However if I need to act fast I'm not against using conventional wormers or medicine.